Welcome...to Divide Creek Campground...


…A Hidden paradise located on the St. Mary’s river between the Upper and Lower St. Mary lakes in Glacier National Park.

Whether you choose to be right on the river’s edge in a tent or in the protection of the tree line, all is within walking distance of the stunning views of Glacier National Park. It is our hope you have the camping experience of a lifetime right here at Divide Creek Campground. Wake up to fresh mountain air, hot coffee, campfire and breakfast. Then perhaps go for a gentle stroll around the local village, a refreshing swim in the beautifully clear lakes or a more energetic mountain walk or bike ride. Later…try out some of the local cuisine at one of the traditional local eateries including the beautiful St. Mary Lodge.

We pride in providing a wonderful camping experience that includes heavy forested surroundings, spacious riverside camp sites, hiking trails throughout camp or just sitting along the river’s edge to take that deep breath, relax and focus on the spectacular views. Share stories of your park adventures or listen to others while you enjoy the warmth of roasted marshmallows over the communal firepits. Just a short distance into St. Mary’s Village explore the shopping, eateries and ice cream! For park information continue just a 1/4 mile further to find the Glacier National Park visitors center & entrance to the world famous Going to the Sun Highway!

Let us give you the experience that will create memories of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful national parks in our country.

  1. National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for Glacier National Park contains detailed topographic information, named and clearly marked trails, recreational points of interest, and navigational aids for both Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada.

  2. Glacier trail maps. If you want a single trail map that covers the entire park, the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map is probably your top choice. This is the best map for showing all of Glacier’s trails, though it doesn’t have mileages (so download the free backcountry trail map in the section below).

  3. Christine Alvey says:

    My husband and I were so tired after our day in the park. We were wondering where we would be spending the night so the early evening became a bit tense and almost ruined a great and glorious day, Until…………a little gem off the side of the road that none of the locals told us existed. WOW!! It turned out magnificent as we drove around the space and found the perfect spot! Space #9, my lucky number. We enjoyed our campfire due to the fact there was already bundled firewood available for a small fee that turned out to be priceless…the smells, and glow of a campfire brings back memories as kids and lulled us into a relaxed state to have a great night’s sleep. Even having to take a midnight potty break,,,we both woke up the next morning realizing that we slept a quality sleep even for me with out my C-PAP machine. getting back to nature is always the way to go and besides, the other campers had enough space and greenery for the privacy aspect of a campground feel with tents. I like that no motor homes or trailers were allowed in our area. It made for a Very very peaceful experience. We couldn’t stop talking about it on our continued vacation for the next week. I even had a lady make a note of the name of the campground on her phone. After speaking with you about the history and memories you all have of that area and how you are restoring it, I know you have great pride in making a great experience for your guests. This has been the only feedback that I have given when I’ve stayed anywhere for the 2 weeks we sere traveling…and that says something. We will be visiting again when we head that way and I will be talking about our experience for quite some time. Thanks again for your hospitality and friendly conversation. Have a wonderful season.

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