Time To Set up the Tent!!

Divide Creek Campground provides primitive camping sites which has proven to be one of the greatest forms of camping in Glacier Park. The quiet, seclusion of camping is just what our guests seem to thoroughly enjoy about their stay with us. We like to think we are providing a camping experience as it used to be.. rough and straight up camping back in the woods, except… your are walking distance from the St. Mary’s lodge, meals and the visiting center!  We hope our secluded sites, tucked back in the tree line and bedded with pine shavings, will make a perfect setup for your tenting experience. Although the wild fire hazards and dry seasons can eliminate the use of individual fire pits during the season, the Communal fire pit’s never fail bringing everyone together for food, drink and a great source of conversation. Whether its sharing information about each others experiences in the park or learning about where we are from and where we are going … our campers love sharing the beautiful surrounding over the warmth of a warm fire before heading back to settling in to camp.