Visiting Glacier National Park

A perfect destination to being exploring on foot with a shop a short walk from Divide Creek Campground. Much of the village can be walked without trouble, however, be prepared for the quickly changing weather conditions if you are planning a day trip on foot.

How to Travel

  • Shuttle service: Available at the Going To the Sun Highway. Visit:
  • “SunTours Bus Shuttles”: Available right here in St. Mary’s.
  • Car Rentals: Not available in the area.
  • Bike – The best way to get around, other than walking, is by bike. If you don’t mind hills, you can bike anywhere. If that’s not for you, stick to the shuttle services and hiking the trails to town from the campground…its a whopping 1/4 mile to everything.

Mini Trips

Just a 1/4 mile away you can explore the history and legacy of our area, drink wine and relax at the St. Mary Lodge. You can wander the village or be lulled by majestic mountain views. If you have time, the Glacier National Park visitor’s center is just a 1 mile walk from Divide creek.

Going to the Sun Tours / Glacier National Park Tours

Because of the number of sights to see, some first-time visitors should start with an organized tour. Some things can be covered in depth, other are just useful for getting your bearings. Make sure to stop by the Glacier Park Visitors center for all the information you will need for getting around the park and more…and conveniently just a mile away from Divide Creek Campground.

The leading Park Rangers and local business owners have lots of information and direction to offer. Enjoy visits to the many Lodges throughout the Park, Blackfeet Heritage Center, museums and historic locations which will also allow for additional information on how you can highlight your trip. In addition, there are many family related events, sights and more appealing activities .