Planning your Camping Trip to Divide Creek

Welcome to Divide Creek Campground!! Let us help you get prepared...

Being Prepared is the best part of making sure you can thoroughly enjoy your trip with out worries and frustration!!

Prepare your gear: Tent, Poles, Stakes, Ground cover for your tent, Extra Tarp or Canopy, Sleeping bags, Sleeping Pad, Pillows, matches/lighters/ toilet paper / lanterns/ lantern fuel or batteries, extra rope, Flash lights/ Headlamps.

Prepare with Mapping of Glacier National Park: trails / access locations  and hiking suggestions for every level of difficulty.

Kitchen:  firewood, frying pan, pot, corkscrew, tablecloth, Food storage containers / bags, Trash bags/ Cooler/ Ice/ Water Bottles, Plates, bowls, utensils, cups/mugs, spatula, cooking spoon, paring knife, Cutting board, biodegradable soap, dishcloth, dish towel, paper towels/napkins, extra bin for washing dishes.
Cloths: sleepwear, swimsuits, raingear, Extra shoes (hiking/walking/swimming), Extra layers for warmth, Gloves, hats.   The Weather is Glacier has a tendency to turn nasty when you least expect it!
Prepare the Food: Prepare a plan to eat for each meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). Prepare what you can at home, recook and freeze meals or wrap in foil.  You will be thankful once you get to camp. Don’t forget condiments and necessary utensils, can opener, etc….
Personal Items:  Sunscreen, Insect repellant, First-aid Kit, prescription medications, Toothbrush, Toiletries, soap!
Other Items:  Camera, campsite reservation confirmation, phone number, List of emergency contact information, Folder of maps &  area information, Bikes, toys, Pet supplies and food, umbrella.


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Close to Divide Creek Campground…

Within a few miles of Divide Creek Campground, Glacier National Park opens up to a world of unbelievable beauty and majestic mountains that are more breathtaking than you can ever  imagine. That said, there are many tips and informatoin we would like to share to make sure you enjoy your adventure to the fullest. With so much to see and …

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