Planning your Camping Trip to Divide Creek

Quick Tips

  • Banks – closest banks are in the towns of Browning, Cut Bank, Kalispell.
  • Emergencies – For emergency call 911. For police, call the local Blackfeet Police Department
  • Internet Access – Wifi is basically nonexistant in this area unless you are staying at one of the hotels or visiting a few of the local eateries that have wifi access.
  • Mail – Buy stamps at the Post Office in Babb, MT. Post offices are located in Browning and Cut Bank as well. Most are open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.
  • Safety – Pickpocketing can be a common problem. It is suggested for men to keep wallets in their front pocket. Purse snatching also occurs at times.

Visitor Information

Information, internet access, maps, and train passes are available at local Tourist Information terminals throughout northern MT.

Major Transportation Options

Getting in from the airport and other arrival locations. Travel planning is about more than just knowing where you’re going. Prepares to navigate, take control and be ready for anything in this area, including the weather conditions that can go from mild to severe within minutes!

  • Plane – Flights arrive at the main airport’s in  Great Falls, Kalispell.
  • Train – The Train runs through Glacier National Park from East Glacier to Whitefish. Train stops at Essex and West Glacier in between.
  • Taxi – Sorry…we don’t have taxi’s in MT…
  • Bus – The closest bus depot is at the city center in Kalispell, MT.

A perfect place for exploring on foot, with local shops around every corner. You will eventually walk somewhere, it’s just going to happen. If you don’t like crowds, uneven cobblestones, heavy traffic or narrow sidewalks, take a taxi or rent a scooter.