Planning your Camping Trip to Divide Creek

Spread across a large area, this destination is nothing if not diverse. Choosing a single place to focus your time, that is a true challenge. There are attractions everywhere so be ready to come back another day, and after some time here, that’s exactly what you’ll want to do.

Exploring the Area

St. Mary, Mt. / St. Mary Lodge / Village hosts grocery shopping, camping gear and restaurants.

The rough and rugged outdoors, the rolling hills, adorned with beauty. Take scenic drives along the Going to the Sun Highway and Many Glacier Entrance to Glacier National Park. The trees, with mixed beauty, explode into reds and oranges when autumn arrives. When the skiers take their place snow-covered mountains appear.

Mountain Adventures

Fill your senses with fresh air, mountain breeze and views beautiful wilderness. It’s a view best admired under a warm blanket with a cup of hot coco.

Eating and Drinking

The east side of Glacier National Park has many fun eateries along the mountain front along with a few grocery stores. Browning Mt, has more grocery selection that is work taking advantage of before hitting your destination for camping.