Planning your Camping Trip to Divide Creek

Going to the Sun Highway / Visiting Center at the top!

  • Hiking: Ultimate hiking experience from family fun to the experienced hiker! Multiple trails, leading in all directions from the top of the Going to the Sun Highway…all provide amazing views of the majestic mountains, rivers and waterfalls within only a mile of the visiting center.
  • Panoramic views from the top of Going to the Sun: a 30 minutes drive to the top of Going to the Sun Highway, you’ll find a beautiful nature reserve where you have a chance to see unique views from the top of the mountains. Pack a lunch and spend the day surrounded with scenery unlike anywhere else in America. Bring your respect for the nature, it will respect you back!

Glacier National Park Visitor Center’s

       The Park provides multiple visitor center’s which can be located @ West Glacier, St. Mary, Many Glacier, Two Medicine
and East Glacier.

  • Transportation: Traffic can be crazy during the peak of the visitor’s season!  Discover the means of transports from each entrance of Glacier National Park starting at the visitor’s centers!  A must for families with young kids that want to eliminate congested travel and parking issues!  Plan a day trip and start by parking at the visitor’s center and letting the shuttles take the stress away of driving. Shuttles pick up and drop off at every location within 1/2 throughout the day.
  • History of Glacier National Park and The Blackfeet Indian Reservation: The park visitor’s center provide a beautiful display and commentary of the history of the Blackfeet Tribe  and Glacier National Park. Enjoy the mesmerizing experience of Blackfeet Indian dancing at its finest during designated times located at the east side visitor’s center in St. Mary.
  • Wildlife: The visitor’s centers each give a unique display / experience of all wildlife that exist within the park.  Great facts and fun for Kids!!!

 Midnight Star viewing on Going to the Sun Highway

Can’t beat a heavenly view of the star’s directly from the top of Going to the Sun Highway. Join the experts of star gazing who are equipped with the top of the line telescopes.
Information about the designated dates available at the visitor’s centers.